How To Make Your Backyard An Entertainment Paradise

Whether it’s socializing with friends, or a large family gathering, the backyard can be an amazing place to host and have fun. Sure, good company can make its own good times, but wouldn’t it be better to have a little help in making your gathering that much more memorable? There is a lot you can do to make your backyard an entertainment paradise, and here are just a few ideas.

Outdoor Fireplace
An outdoor fireplace is a classic addition to a deck. It provides a wonderful ambiance, and even a bit of heat if need be. Guests can huddle up by the fire to drink, laugh, and reminisce. A fireplace gives an indoor vibe to outdoor entertaining, making the gathering feel much cozier. If a full fireplace doesn’t fit your style of deck or your budget, try a small fire pot like we’ve mentioned in a previous article.

Furniture Arrangement
Your furniture should be arranged to maximize socializing and conversation If you have an outdoor fireplace or another accent piece like a fountain or firepit, circle the furniture around it, making it a focal point. Don’t be shy about having seating close together. You want to encourage togetherness, so get everyone to cuddle up together if need be!

Conversation Starters
Sometimes when new friends come to visit conversation can be a little difficult at first as people are feeling each other out. Having something to spark conversation is never a bad thing. It could be as simple as a small keepsake kept out in the backyard, like an old paddle or baseball glove. It could be something more permanent, like a fireplace or a pool. If you’re in the planning stages, consider choosing a unique design, like curves and ovals in your deck.

Foodie Delight
Food is a major part of any backyard gathering. Having good eats and cold drinks is the best way for your event to be amazing. Sometimes, though, food can be a hassle. Nobody likes heading in and out of the house to prepare and gather up equipment, or to grab a cold drink on a hot day or evening. An outdoor kitchen would solve all of those problems. An outdoor kitchen can go way beyond the usual backyard grill. Make sure to install at least a stove top, but consider an over as well. Why limit what you can do just because you’re outside? A fridge is also a must, so guests don’t have to head inside and potentially track water and other debris through your house and kitchen.

Everyone loves to go where everybody knows their name, so why not have that place right in your backyard. Your bar can be stocked with whatever you choose. You never have to worry about your favorite brew or spirit not being served. Install taps to make sure you always have your favorite draft on hand. A bar can also act as a nice breakfast bar on those mornings when you feel like sitting outside with your coffee and your newsfeed.

Let’s face it, just because you have a bar in the backyard doesn’t mean that kids won’t be allowed. Make sure to have some fun things for kids to do when they come and visit. Sure, you could have a sprinkler or a slip and slide, but for some kids, that’s not going to cut it. Why not have a trampoline set up? There are trampolines now that have Bluetooth speakers to play music, or to connect to tablets to make games out of trampolining. You could also set up a mini-deck (far away from the main one where the adults are!) that the kids can use for a stage for karaoke shows and competitions. Better yet, this mini deck can be “decked” out with a television and video games as well for the less artistic and athletically inclined.

There is absolutely nothing better than an amazing backyard party with great friends in the summer. Make sure your backyard is ready to host the good times.